Specialized Global Game
Publishing Team
Comprehensive Support + Localization
+ Multi-Level Revenue Scheme
Submit your game
Simple & Smooth
Submit Game
The BD specialist approaches to content provider
to have initial communication. To have the full
grasp and understanding of the game, content
provider should provide game to BD specialist
for game test.
Game Review
The specialized team will conduct game test and
have a comprehensive assessment on target
markets, publishing models, and pricing plan of
the game.
Test Campaign
The specialized team will test your game in potential
customer market about two weeks, after testing ,
we get an idea of your game metrics.
Reached Cooperation Or Decline
If the test passes , draft publishing plan and
cooperative agreement according to the rules
that both party recognize, also the principle of
fairness, lawfulness, and openness.You can think
about it and decide if you want to continue
working with us.
Publishing&Advertising Plan
After finishing on localization and product launch,
our team would initiate on oversea branding,
execution on user service, optimize monetization,
so as to ensure to reach publishing targets.
Revenue Split
Under the principle of mutual prosperity, adopting
multi-level revenue scheme.
Game Publish Contact
Michelle Duan
Jinmaoshidai North Sec,Tw.9 16-2,Yubei District,Chongqing,China